Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beanball Subs

Based on Veganomicon's Recipe but I changed my beanballs flavors and seasonings around quite a bit.
It looks all gloppy-gross but it was gloppy-good!


Dana said...

These look delish!

Found your blog by searching for a HFCS-free BBQ sauce for my seitan ribz! You photos look great, and I love it that they are so colorful.

Puppy said...

what is the white stuff? FYH?

yumm salads. i've been doing more raw so your blog = hungy!

Jennifer H. said...

Nope, not FYH. I don't use soy chesse... not that I'm a soy cheese snob, I just can't get fake cheeses where I live.
The white stuff is pine nut cream from Veganoicon's Eggplant Moussaka recipe. I use it on everything! To give it a mexican flavor for a shepdards-type tamale pie you can leave out the nutmeg add cumin and blend in a half a bell pepper. Or you can add oregano and bake it over eggplant and tomato sauce... volia eggplant parma! It's the best stuff ever.

Zach said...

Hello! I thought my website might be of interest to you:

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I understand this is probably considered spam, so no hard feelings if you delete it! We're new to the web & just trying to get the word out.

- Zachary