Friday, April 6, 2007

Toddler Food - Peanut Butter P-Pie

P-Pie is what my son used to call pizza when he was younger.

He wanted pizza day and night.
It was getting ridiculous because he's allergic to dairy, so we'd get a pizza and scrape off all the cheese and throw that out. (We're not sure how ordering a pizza with no cheese would go over at the Italian owned restaurant in our German village yet!) OR I'd make a pizza and he might or might not eat it with nutritional yeast... I know how he feels, nut. yeast still makes me gag sometimes.
I had to come up with something to get him to eat some veg and other things as well. So, I made a five grain pizza dough (with lots of ground flaxseed) in my Vitamix and baked mini pizza crusts. Topped it with organic PB, raisins, carrot slices (isn't it cute they look like pepperoni!) and sunflower seeds (not pictured.)
You can add anything...
PB with jelly spoonfuls (again, like pepperoni), other nut butters, chocolate or carob chips, shredded coconut...
I posted the recipe for pizza dough on a popular veggie recipe site and someone commented that they made it with bananas and honey! (FYI, I have still not decided where I stand on the Vegan Honey Debate.)
If you don't feel like making the pizza dough you can just put all of this on a whole wheat pita!

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