Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sushi and Spring Rolls!!

This is my very first ever homemade sushi!! I know they may look funny... but I think it's pretty good for my first time! Oh, and I even used brown rice to make it healthier! It made up for the fact that I fried the spring rolls.

These are California Rolls with avocado and carrot, rolled in sesame seeds. Inside out rolls are my favorite.

Clockwise (from the top): Avocado Rolls, Bigger Avocado Rolls, Baked Tofu & Carrot Rolls, California Rolls with nori on the outside.

These are Tofu Apple Spring Rolls from Vegan Lunch Box but I didn't have rice paper so I wrapped them in Lumpia wrappers and fried them.
Mmm! GOOD.

On the annoying side the prepared wasabi I purchase turn out to have milk in it!! WTH?! In wasabi?
We used it anyway but next time I will be returning to the, "read every label, every time" policy.

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Kate said...

Your sushi looks so fantastic!