Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chana Masala

Indian food is seriously my vice...

I love it all!

Vindaloos, Malai Kofta and Ooo Peshawri Naan!
It makes me want to stop blogging right now and run out to get some from our local Indian restaurant!

Indian food is traditionally made with ghee and therefore, quite often not vegan. I do not make my curries with ghee. However, due to the many vegetarian options that Indian cuisine provides, I tend to overlook the ghee factor when eating out.

Anyhow, here we have Chana Masala (Curried Garbanzo Beans)

I make curries quite often and I have to say that this has been my best EVER. I make my garam masala from scratch and I have been perfecting it for some time now. I can never get my hands on cardamon and it's probably the best it's going to be without it.

I am so pleased with the way the Chana Masala turned out. It is so good, in fact, that I made it Sunday for lunch, we had the leftovers for dinner, and then I made an ENTIRE new batch for lunch Monday. Today (Tuesday) both my husband and I will be having those leftovers for lunch. Hmm... 11:30am? Close enough to lunchtime for me!

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