Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Every week, I make a batch of cookies for my 2 year old (who is allergic to eggs and dairy.)
He loves cookies! And man, can he eat some cookies!
"Every week?" you say, "Cookies? That can't be good!"
AH HA! But it is!

I am a sneaky Mommy, you
see! The cookies I usually make are super-filled with great things like fiber, bananas and flax. If I do use chips, they are carob chips. It's really more like breakfast in a cookie.

This week I was in the mood to make some carob chip cookies. Of course, we happened to be out of carob chips. I have to buy ours online, due to where we live... so, it's not like I can just run out and grab some. Instead, I went to the grocery store (with low hopes) that I might find an "accidentally vegan" bag of chocolate chips. To my surprise I did!
Baker's brand, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks are vegan! Spread the word!

So here is a (somewhat blurry) photo of our BAD-for-you chocolate chunk cookies from this week.

My husband reminded me, as he had a mouthful of cookie, that they aren't really that bad for you since they're still made with, half whole what flour, Earth Balance, Ener-G egg replacer and flax. He is sort of right... and I just think the vegan chocolate chunks look so nummy! Now, if only they made carob chunks...

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