Sunday, March 25, 2007

Russian Blini

I miss Russia!
I didn't miss it when I when to school there!
But I miss it now!
My landlady used to make me blini for breakfast on special weekends.
Blini is a crepe-like pancake. Mine had a buttery scrambled egg filling.
So yummy!!!

Now, the thought of eating an egg (full of tasty antibiotics and growth hormones) gives me the heebie-jeebies... but I had to have blini!

I adapted a recipe for vegan Austrian Kaiserschmarrn, to result in an even thinner crepe and didn't any use vanilla.

Next, I made a buttery tofu scramble using firm regular tofu. Usually I make a tofu scramble for my husband (he loves it) and I add tons of veggies, onions, and spices... this time I left those all out. I added plenty of buttery earth balance, turmeric, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (I swear this makes it very eggy tasting!) and a teeny bit of dried parsley flakes. Then I mutilated the tofu because this is how my landlady always made her eggs. It was PERFECT!!

I have made the adapted Kaiserschmarrn recipe many, many times now. I can even do cool pan flips! I'm really good! They go well with jam, lemon juice and powdered sugar, or anything! My son loves them plain.

I vow to serve these crepes for any breakfast-like event that I host in the future.

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